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About Aaron Racette

I am passionate about real estate, negotiating for my clients and helping them complete the transitions necessary for themselves and their families. Growing up my family owned and operated Racette Remodeling. From working in my family company I gained a unique perspective and understanding for New England homes. Now I pass on what I learned to help buyers and sellers make the best moves and decisions possible. I read every day to keep my mind sharp and gladly recommend books like "The Art of the Heist", "Extreme Ownership", "Am I Being to Subtle", "Measure What Matters", "Zero to One", "Superlife", "Billion Dollar Whale", "Ready Player One" and "Enders Game". Athletics, particularly team sports, were my passion up through college.  I tend to be a calculated type of thinker and I prefer knowing all the angles before taking a leap, but honestly sometimes the only thing to do is jump. Fortunately, I have a great wife who is even more calculated than I am and frankly we both prefer the view from the top. 

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